4 steps for creating a monthly budget

Creating a monthly budget is essential to lead a frugal lifestyle. That way you will be able to save a lot of money every month. Here are some tips for creating a monthly budget.

Know your monthly income

First, find out how much is your monthly income. You should write down all the sources of your income. So, write a list of your business income, salary or other extra sources of your income.

Find out fixed expenses

You should write down all your fixed expenses. These include your house rent, mortgage, some utility bills, etc. You should know your total fixed expenses. You must keep this amount aside every month.

Find out variable expenses

You should then calculate your variable expenses. These include your cost of food, transport, and other items. You can increase or decrease these expenses every month according to your requirement. This is the place where you have the scope of saving money. You can try to reduce your variable cost every month.

One time expense

We need different things in life. For example, you may need a laptop or an air conditioner. These are all one time expenses. You should plan early for these expenses. That way it won’t be difficult for you to pay for these items and you won’t struggle with your monthly budget as well.

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You must keep aside some money for emergency situations. These are the steps for creating a budget and you should do it every month to manage your finances well.

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